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  • Handcrafted natural healing crystal hanging ornament brings you good luck, protecion, peace and positive energy.
  • Tree of life dream catcher wall hanging decor, Ideal for use by vibrational healers, reiki therapists and other energy workers. Ability to create a casual reality with others with a focused consciousness, effective in receiving information or create spaces of thought.
  • Gift Giving: Handmade crystal sun catchers are great choice when picking a gift for individuals who fascinated by rainbow theme on special day. Puts pretty rainbow prisms when sunlight through these chakra crystals. Hang them in a window and watch your personal rainbow appear.
More Details:
- Material: Amethyst + Rose Quartz + Synthetic Aquamarine tumbled stones, feather, stainless steel
- Size Details: Tree of life charm diameter: 10.2cm (4.01");
- Cord length: 28cm(11.02"); Feather length: 10-11cm(3.93"-4.33"); Total length: 55cm (21.65");
- Stainless steel piece: 18mm (0.7").
- Package includes 1x feather hanging

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