Loose Beads

Material: Natural citrine Size:  4mm*6mm - 6mm*8mm Length: 35cm 60g each pack
12mm Natural Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Quartz Stone Drilled Ball Beads 33 Packs
Material: Natural Amethyst Size: 12mm  33 pcs in each packs 82g each pack  
  Size: 13*18 Shape: Oval 20 pcs per stand 35g each pack   Find more beautiful beads and pendants in the store . Thanks for...
  Gemstone style fits well for unisex style jewelry making. Size: 30mm in diameter Color: Flower Shape: Round Quantity: 13pcs/stand Weight:...
  Size: 20*30 Color: Yellow 13 pcs in each pack 38g each pack Suitable for DIY jewelry making   Check in the store for...
  Size: 20*30 Color: Green 13 pcs in each pack 38g each pack   Check in the store for more beautiful beads and...
  Drilled gemstones Stone size: 8mm in diameter; Each set is unique and dimensions do vary. Includes the...
Size: 20*30 Color: Orange 13 pcs per stand 38g each pack   Please contact us if you have any questions.
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