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Natural Tiger Eye Gemstone Ball Healing Sculpture Figurine Fengshui Decor.
  • Made of natural quartz crystal. the natural cracks and frosts inside will be normal. Each and every specimen is unique and you will receive ones similar to the image shown.
  • Sphere-shaped Rose Quartz fit perfectly in your hands, making them great for meditation, massage, self-reflection, or as a goodluck charm. perfect for feng shuior simply for home decor display purposes. Experience the magic and natural beauty of natural crystals in your home.
  • Spheres send energy in all directions. They help to facilitates smooth communication in group settings. Smaller spheres are excellent for holding during meditation, while large ones can be placed in front of you. Crystal balls are popular for scrying and visual meditation, allowing you to gaze into the past, present, and future.
More Details:
- Material: Natural Tiger Eye
- Size for crystal is approximately 2"(50mm);
- Package Dimensions: 12.5cm*10cm*8.5cm
- Weight is approximately 270 grams

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