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  • Your crystal hexagonal column set are made from Amethyst(Crown Chakra), Rock Crystal Quartz(Third Eye Chakra), Sodalite(Throat Chakra) , Green Aventurine(Heart Chakra), Yellow Aventurine(Solar Plexus Chakra), Red Agate(Sacral Chakra), Red Jasper(Root Chakra), Black Obsidian .
  • The 7 Chakra Healing Crystal Balls Symbolize Wealth And Abundance, Helping You To Achieve All What You Desire! It Brings Good Luck, and Also Relieves Stress.
  • Use for reiki, healing, meditation, protection, home decoration, chakra balancing, or ritual. Can also be used in conjunction with a chakra wand. It is also thought to be a great tool for fortune telling and divination. Inspire feelings of love, romance and affection.
More Details:- Natural Crystal Gemstone Hexagonal Point Column diameter: 0.39''(10mm), High: 1.77''(45mm).
- Black Obsidian Foundation Pallet Diameter: 3.3''(83mm), Thick: 0.43''(11mm). - Package includes 7 chakra hexagonal column stones set and 1 gift box.

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