1.8"L Healing Point Hexagonal Column Tumbled Stone

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Amethyst--Sahasrara(Or Crown Chakra); Green Aventurine--Anahata(Or Heart Chakra); Yellow Aventurine--Manipura(Or Solar Plexus/Navel Chakra); Clear Crystal Quartz--Ajna(Or Third-Eye Chakra); Red Jasper--Muladhara(Or Root Chakra); Carnelian--Svadhishthana(Or Sacral Chakra); Sodalite--Vishuddha(Or Throat Chakra)

  • Unique, handmade Crystal Quartz Healing Point Energy Generator used for magnifying energy, healing, focusing intent, manifesting desires, gridwork, protection, and chakra balancing.
  • Powerful energy magnifier and can be used in healing, energy balancing, spiritual centering, focus of intent and protection.
  • Placing this healing point energy generator in your home promotes a positive flow of energy in your home or sacred space.

Length: 1.8 inches / 4.5 cm - 4.6 cm
Diameter: 0.4 inches / 1 cm

Kindly Note: Because the decor made by natural stone, each with unique color, the stone bead may not same as the picture shown.

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1 stones decor / 1 set stones decor


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